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10ft container converted for mobile catering

Key Facts

Size: 10ft new ‘one trip’ full side access container
Use: Mobile catering container
Location: Mobile

The Conversion Brief

Converting your standard 10ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container into a mobile catering unit converted internally and externally. The client was wanting to target a new market area and this needed to fit the company image and the audience they were targeting.

Breakdown of the Project

We were approached by a gourmet US style burger company with outlets in the Newcastle area who had a requirement for a mobile catering unit for selling burgers (nice they are too!) “on the go”!

We put our heads together and came up with a design to meet the client specific requirements. It needed to be practical but also look rustic and quirky.

We took a special build 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ new ‘one trip’ shipping container that had cargo doors along the 10ft side. This was to become the serving area and was fitted with reclaimed timber across the front with client’s logos. We added a set of cargo double doors on the 8ft end for access to the container.

Internally the unit was fitted with stainless steel walls for catering, workbenches, overhead storage cupboards, electrics to include extractor fans, external gas bottle cage. The 27mm hardwood container flooring was overlaid with non-slip vinyl. The container was finished externally in black to match the clients colour scheme. The locking bars were kept galvanised.

The 10ft shipping container was fitted to a bespoke trailer and is now regularly used at large & small events throughout the UK.

Conversion breakdown

  • 1no. 10ft new ‘one trip’ full side access container – 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6”.
    • Left-hand 8ft corrugated panel removed and replaced with a set of cargo doors.
  • 2no. 200mm x 200mm dual motorised vents installed.
    • 200mm x 450mm aperture cut.
    • Dressed in 50mm box section
  • External gas chamber fabricated.
    • Secure lockable cage.
    • Mesh cage installed to match regulations.
    • Internally tubing was installed throughout the container to the various cooking appliance ports.
    • Gas cut-off switches applied.
  • Surface mounted electrics installed.
    • 2no. double sockets.
    • Central mounting port for the lights to be attached to.
  • Various box section mounting brackets fabricated and welded in place.
  • Stainless steel back drop welded along half of the rear 10ft corrugated panel.
    • This was where the customer was installing the cookers.
  • Along the roof of the container 5no. brackets were welded in place for lights to be installed.
  • Steel framing was fabricated to form a cooking hoop that directs smoke towards the ventilation ports.
  • Box section steel counters were fabricated with sheet steel benches to form a serving counter and workstation.
  • Brackets were installed for the customer to attach the reclaimed wood finish to the serving counter.
  • Vinyl flooring was laid over the 27mm hardwood flooring.
  • Bespoke trailer was fabricated for the container to be towed between various festivals and events.
    • The trailer included secure twist locks that the container was lowered onto and secured in place.
    • Also, the trailer included rigs that are to be lowered when in use to stabilize the container.
    • Fabricated to regulations for road safety.

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