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Sunderland Airshow 2017 Pop Up Exhibition Conversion - 26 July 2017


If you went along to the Sunderland Airshow between the 21st to the 23rd of July you may have seen a bespoke shipping container conversion that we had fabricated for our client. The conversion was for a bespoke pop up exhibition stand that will be used throughout the North East at events like the Sunderland Airshow.

We were approached from a company that is working closely with the Sunderland Airshow requiring a bespoke shipping container conversion and set us a short time frame to complete the project. The conversion was a first for us as we had not fabricated a conversion like this before and we wanted the challenge, the conversion went through a design process to design the conversion to the client’s specification before being passed over to our fabrication team.

The design process began with the client providing us with potential ideas for what their final conversion could include, from the examples our design team created a concept that fitted the requirements including a top deck viewing platform that would be accessed from an external staircase that can be dismantled for transportation. Nothing is solved from the first initial concept but the client was able to visualize how their ideas were coming to life.

With the clients input there was a couple of iterations as the design process neared the end and after the final concept was approved the design was passed to our fabrication team that would bring the design into the physical form. The container conversion was fabricated from a 20ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping container the decision to use a high cube container was down to needing the additional height. As soon as the shell had the apertures cut out, we were able to see the project coming together. The conversion was fitted out internally and re-sprayed to the customers colours, and was ready for transportation to the Sunderland Airshow. For more information regarding the converting of the container, follow the link here.

The conversion was installed onsite for the event and had lots of interest from spectators visiting the Sunderland Airshow over the weekend.

The client was greatly appreciative of the job especially with the short timeframe that was given for a conversion of this scale and the package of work that we supplied.

If you are looking to get a similar container conversion or need a quote for a shipping container conversion please contact us on 0844 561 79 75 or you can email our container sales team on we look forward to hearing from you.


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