New 'One-Trip' and Good Quality Used Specialised Shipping Containers for Sale - available throughout the UK!

As well as standard 20ft and 40ft containers we also sell several specialised containers. These include High Cube Containers, Open Top Containers, Half Height Containers, Side Opening Containers, DNV Containers, Tunnel Containers, Flat Rack Containers etc. etc. We also carry out bespoke container conversions if you need something a little bit different.

Specialised Shipping Containers

Tunnel Shipping Container - Double doors at both ends of the container

Tunnel Containers

Manufactured from a standard container (usually 20ft or 40ft) - but with double end doors at both ends. Typically the solid end of the container is simply cut-off and a new set of double doors is welded in place.

Side Access Shipping Container

Full Side Access/Side Opening Containers

Full Side Access / Side Opening Containers are constructed from standard containers - one of the solid sides are removed and new bi-fold doors are welded in place to create an additional side door.

Open Top Container

Open Top Containers

Typically constructed from standard 20ft or 40ft containers. The roof panel is removed to leave the three side panels, the floor, and the double end doors. A removable Hardened or Tarp roof can then be added/removed as required.

Flat Rack Container

Flat Rack Containers

Flat Rack Containers are designed differently to standard boxes, they have 3 panels a floor and two hinged end panels. The end panels can also be folded flat for transportation and used as ramps whilst loading.

Half Height Shipping Container

Half Height Containers

Built to DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Standards, Half Height containers are a built to last. They are constructed with an Open Top for easy loading and are half as tall as a Standard Steel Shipping Container.

Offshore DNV 2.7-1 Containers

Offshore DNV 2.7-1 containers are fabricated in the same way as normal units; but are constructed using a higher density, heavy duty corten steel, making them more durable and increasing their lifespan.

Reefer/Refrigerated Containers

Reefers start out as standard 20ft or 40ft containers, they are then lined out on the inside and specialised flooring is added. A refrigeration unit is then installed that will allow the container's temperature to be changed/regulated.

Here at ContainerContainer, we work with shipping containers on a day-to-day basis so we know our containers. Other than the standard shipping containers that we sell and hire (we only hire certain sizes) and our bespoke shipping container conversions we also manufacture to our client's specifications, you can also purchase specialised shipping containers from us.

We aim to give the best service we can and we think our prices are pretty good too. We do things a little different to others, for example we'll supply you with a container any size you like up to 40ft, We’re up front with prices too, as we want to give you a fair deal.

What are Specialised Shipping Containers?

Specialised shipping containers get their name because they are used for specialised applications. So the clients that look to purchase a specialised container will have a specific need - and a standard shipping container will not be the correct option, each specialised shipping container that we sell have there own speciality and are designed purposely for it. So if you are looking for something for large scale transportation or portable events exhibition stands we have a specialised shipping container that's right for you.

Specialised Container Sizes?

Specialised shipping containers come in various sizes depending on which specialised container you are wanting and some come in new 'one trip' condition and used condition. When you enquire our sales team will help in this area and help you get the best and closest product to your requirements.

Below are the specialised shipping containers that we currently sell. We can also convert some specialised shipping containers. Call us on 0844 561 79 75 for any enquiries you have relating to any of our specialised shipping containers or to converting them.

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