Over the years we've converted hundreds of containers for clients, ranging from relatively simple modifications such as adding a personnel door or a window, right up to full bespoke conversion projects from drawings.

We're interested in all types of shipping container conversion work, so if you need something a bit different please contact us.

Bespoke Shipping Container Conversions

Modifications can vary massively, from small cosmetic changes such as re-painting or adding a lock-box (designed to improve the containers general appearance or security), to larger modifications like installing additional doors, dry lining, installing electrics or plumbing.

We've got many years of experience in the container modification business, so why not give us a call to discuss your project. We'd love to share our experience with you and help advise on the best modification route to suit your requirements.

Maybe you're thinking of adding a side window or access door, or looking at a complex change such as installing electrics, insulation or cladding? Get in touch, we'd love to help.

Standard ISO Shipping Containers can be modified into almost anything! Changing rooms, retail units, market stalls - whatever you can imagine really.

We've previously installed electrics, air conditioning units, doors, windows, plumbing, insulation, internal cladding, external cladding, staircases, etc. etc. so we're ideally suited to help. 

Typically a new project will start with an initial telephone conversation or an online inquiry via our website. We may then recommend a basic sketch proposal (if the requirements are relatively simple, or progress down the route of professional drawings if the project is more complex. We'll then use this info to give you an idea of costs and suggested materials. Once the design is finalised and cost agreed, we will then begin work to create your bespoke unit.

Take a look at some of our recent projects below.

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A Shipping Container with Internal Partition and Office Walls

Shipping containers can be internally modified to have a partition wall fitted, this modification allows the shipping container to be split, this can be to create 2 or more stores from a single container or to separate an office conversion. It can create a new space from an inclusion of a partition wall Read More

Locker Room Conversion

We were approached from a school needing a secure alternative to storage but they needed to allow access throughout the day for pupils to get their equipment out. We supplied a shipping container fitted with secure individual lockers inside the shipping container. Read More

Shipping Container Conversion with an Internal Heater

A modification that we get asked for in a lot of our shipping container conversion is fitting of an electric heater. The inclusion of an electric heater is a perfect addition into a any shipping container conversion. Speak to our team about fitting an electric heater in your conversion. Read More

Shipping Container Conversion with Internal Electrics

Shipping containers can be converted to include internal electrics. internal electrics can be internal lightning, 3 pin power supplies, electric heaters and much more. Shipping containers modified to include electrics are ideal for people looking for a conversion like a workshop, offices and more. Read More

Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with a Personnel Side Access Door

A simple but effective modification to a standard 20ft shipping container, allows staff to gain access to the container through the personnel door rather than using the double door access. The personnel door was fitted where the client needed to gain access. Read More

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Some Common Shipping Container Conversion Questions

How long does a typical conversion take?

Our conversions are bespoke and fabricated to our client’s (often unique) requirements - this leads to different timescales for every project.

The best thing to do is give us a call to discuss your basic specification, we'll then be able to give you an estimate for your conversion timescale.

Other factors that can impact on conversion timescales include:

  • our workshop workload,
  • delays in client sign-off,
  • changes to the specification,
  • project complexity,
  • project scale (the number of shipping containers involved),
  • the final finish,
  • and the amount of work you required.

If you have a strict deadline for your conversion we will try and complete the project to match your deadline.

How much do bespoke shipping containers cost?

The cost of a bespoke shipping container can vary depending on various factors including:

  • the specification,
  • the complexity of the project,
  • the qty of shipping containers involved,
  • the final finish (cladding, re-spray etc),
  • and the amount of work you require us to be involved in.

We'll work hard to provide a competitive quotation and timescale for your conversion delivering all your requirements.

What sort of container conversions do you get involved in?

Conversion projects can vary considerably in complexity. We try and get involved in all types of modification works, but some projects aren't viable.

We typically provide a quote that matches your specification, but if you need some help to develop your design we can provide various options for different modifications.

If you've got a basic idea, but are unsure of how to finalise your conversion specification, we can send you our conversion options list to start the ideas flowing. You can also take a look at some of our previous conversions above.

Do you sell converted shipping containers?

We do sometimes have in-stock container conversions that we sell pre-built, these include container offices, catering containers and various others. However, container conversions are typically bespoke and as such we'll fabricate the modifications to specific customers requests.

How can you help me with a container conversion?

We have a dedicated conversions team to help you with your conversion project, with this in mind, we can help as much or as little as you require.

When we quote for a conversion job, we work closely with our client and will help as much as they require us too.

We can help by providing the fabrication work, the full fitout including electrics and also help direct you through the planning stage of your project.

Our 3D CAD software can also help clients visualise their project before moving onto the fabrication of the container.

Do you buy converted shipping containers?

As converted shipping containers being bespoke for use for a specific purpose, this can mean that some container conversions can be harder to re-sell. However, with this in mind we will still be able to provide you a competitive price evaluation for your converted container. We would require some useful information before we can provide a quotation this includes; the location the conversion is currently located, a brief breakdown of the shipping container modifications, age if possible and any other information that you may need to pass over. Along with this if you could send through some photos showcasing the external and internal of the bespoke container to accompany the information. If you send this across to our team at we will respond as soon as possible.

Can I convert the container myself?

Yes, we can be as involved in a container conversion as you require us to be. A quotation for just the shipping container can be provided by our Container Sales Manager.

Can I design the conversion myself?

Yes of course, container conversions are tailored to each individual that enquires with us, so if you could send us your specification we can quote to match. However, our dedicated container conversion team are here to help if you need some additional guidance or suggestions that could be adapted to your container. We also can bring your ideas to life with our 3D modelling software to help you visualise your bespoke shipping container, this allows you to see your potential project in 3D from various angles to see if it solves all your questions.

Will you deliver my completed conversion?

Delivery of your container conversion will be quoted for at the confirmation of order stage. It will usually be delivered using a HIAB assisted lorry which will lift the modified container to the ground where requested. Sometimes, we can deliver on an articulated lorry (without a HIAB crane) and the client will need to arrange for the container to be offloaded to the ground, this is usually with a forklift truck. This should be stated at the time of order. Also, at some of our workshops throughout the UK, bespoke shipping containers can be arranged to be collected by the client.

Do you convert new or used containers?

Both, we can quote for either new ‘one trip’ or used condition containers (subject to availability).

New ‘one trip’ containers are manufactured in the Far East, filled with a cargo and shipped the one trip to the UK, they are still in very good condition.

Used containers have been shipped around the world, typically for between 10 and 15 years before being sold to the second hand market. Second hand containers are guaranteed wind and water tight but will aesthetically have more dents and scratches compared to a new ‘one trip’ container.

We can advise on what maybe best suited to your project, but it will be the client’s final decision.

How can I check the progress of my conversion?

Once the order has been placed and the container conversion has progressed into our workshop we are updated throughout the build process, that we will be happy to pass on to yourself. If you are looking for a progress report you can call us on 0844 561 79 75 where we can speak or email our container conversion co-ordinator from the email correspondence. During the container conversion build you can visit our workshop to monitor progress – please note these are on an appointment only basis.

Do you provide an upfront all in one quote/cost?

When we quote for a container conversion our price will be for the specification you have provided us. The delivery cost will be confirmed once the order has been placed. During the quotation period when the specification may change we will be able to provide a cost for the specification changes but there will be no change in the price quoted once order has been placed (provided specification hasn’t changed).

How does the payment work? Do I need to pay a deposit?

The order will be put into production once 50% deposit has been received. The final 50% is payable before delivery. We are happy for you to attend our workshops to view the container conversion before final payment is made.

Do I need planning permission to put a conversion in my garden?

Along with standard shipping containers a container conversion is categorised as temporary relocatable buildings and with many applications they do not need planning permission. However, as this could cause an issue if it is going to place in a sensitive area or for a long period of time then it may need planning permission. We recommend and planning authorities do say that it is always best to check if permission is required.

Will I be able to tow my conversion with my car/fit it on a trailer?

This will dpeend on the container size you choose. For some of our bespoke container conversions we can fit the container to a trailer, however there are size restrictions.

We can also fabricate a towable container which can be lowered onto the ground once you reach the destination.

As a container conversion can have additional weight they ideally need to be towed from a larger vehicle like a 4x4 or van.

Can you provide a trailer with my conversion?

We can provide a quotation for a bespoke container trailer to securely fit your bespoke container to. Please let us know when enquiring if you need your conversion for mobile purposes, so we can advise on the best approach.

What warranty do you provide?

We offer a standard 12 months warranty for all of our bespoke container conversions from date of delivery (subject to our Terms and Conditions)

How long will my conversion last?

The body of any bespoke conversion is an adapted shipping container and they are manufactured to a high quality and are very robust as they are used for shipping cargo throughout the world and submitting the container to the rigours of sea transport. A new ‘one trip’ shipping container could be expected to last up to 50 years where as a good quality used container could last up to 20 years. However, there are some factors that can affect a life span which include the care of the container conversion.

If you have any other questions about container conversions, or shipping containers in general - please get in touch we'd love to help you find the right container.

An Example Container Conversion

Watch our step-by-step video showing how we converted two 40ft high-cube units into a multi-rig training unit for confined spaces training.

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