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Mobile Catering Conversion Case Study - 08 May 2017


Think back to 2015 what do you remember?


We remember a certain shipping container conversion that we fabricated for a client that was a new challenge that was one of the first shipping containers that we converted into a mobile catering unit. When we were first approached from the gourmet US style burger company they were wanting a particular look for their project.

'It needed to fit with the shipping industry of the North East which is where the company was born'

From this the company choose us as a shipping container fit this perfectly. Working with the client and our sales manager and fabricators we set a timescale and worked out what needed to be inside so the conversion was fabricated to the client’s specification.

Fast forward to May 2017

We caught up with the team at the gourmet US style burger company to see how the bespoke shipping container conversion has been for company since it was fabricated.

We fabricated the mobile catering unit from a 10ft shipping container so the final product fit the look that the company was looking for (shipping industry of the North East). 


We had an interview with one of the team at the gourmet to get their feedback


The team were flexible with our suggestions and the needs of the project.


It's impressive stature and unique look draws customers.


As few people use them as mobile set ups, people are generally surprised and impressed.


It's been all around the North East and beyond at food festivals, weddings and music events.


Our fleet has expanded and now consists of our rustic burger bar, vintage chevy truck and the nightly impressive shipping container from Parsons.


It was unique and flexible plus it fitted in with the look we wanted.


As we designed it from scratch it serves its purpose really well.


We have personally seen the 10ft bespoke shipping container converted into a Mobile Catering Unit at events we have sponsored or attended in the two years since it was fabricated. We can see the attraction of customers to the container conversion, and wish the team all the best for the future.

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