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2no 16ft Shipping Container Conversions

Interior Design 2no 16ft Container conversion Interior Design 2no. 16ft Container conversion Interior Design 2no 16ft Container conversion Interior Design 2no 16ft Container conversion

Shipping Container Conversion Information

An interior design company approached us to supply 2no. 16ft shipping containers with apertures for use as meeting rooms. 

Shipping containers come in 20ft sizes as standard, so we needed to cut down to 16ft length but had to re-weld the original ISO frame back into position so the units didn't appear to be modified to the untrained eye! 

We fitted 2no. apertures along one side & 1no. large aperture in the opposite side, dressed with steel box section. The client later fitted windows & french doors within the apertures. 

Units finished in customers preferred bright orange colours. 


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