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Ean Parsons conquers Austrian Ironman - 31 July 2017


The 01/07/2017 will be the date Ean will remember for life, the day he conquered the Austrian Ironman.

The Ironman is split into a 3.9km open water swim to start, followed by a 2-lap course equalling 180.2km cycle through the Austrian mountains and to end a 42.2km marathon. To complete any of those is a challenge for anybody, but completing them all in one day is an unbelievable accomplishment, that Ean is able to say he has.

Ean completed the Austrian Ironman in a time of 15:23:09 that is broken down into the following

The swim

The swim was a distance of 3.9km in the open sea, Ean set a pace of 02:12 per 100m and completed in a time of 1:25:28.

The Cycle

After a transition from the swim to the bike of 19:04, Ean had set off on a 2 lap route equalling a distance of 180.2km through the mountains. Setting a pace of 23.63kph and finishing the bike section of the Ironman at a time of 7:37:38

The Run

After already being out on the course for 9:22:10 Ean started the final part of the Ironman – A Marathon. Still going strong Ean set a pace of 8:11 per km and with the crowds of spectators encouraging all the runners Ean finished the 42.2km marathon in a time of 5:45:12.

Ean crossed the finish line at just after 10:30pm after being on the course for 15:23:09. It is an unbelievable achievement to complete the Ironman.

After finishing Ean had this to say regarding the feeling of that final 50 metres!

“I could hear the crowd in the grandstands cheering competitors as they finished and the lights of the finish area shone out in the dark.  I turned through 90 degrees 20 metres before the finish area with a grandstand on either side, someone high-fived me and I ran into the light.  It was everything I had visualised, lights, cheering, cheer-leaders and cheesy disco music.  Then another 30 metres and a short run up the ramp to the finish line and gantry with the MC shouting “EAN PARSONS – YOU ARE AN IRONMAN”. Awesome.”

After a recovery period Ean was back competing in a local running event.


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